Top Golf Clothing Brands for Women

Female friends on a golf course

It’s no doubt that golf is still primarily male-dominated, especially on the equipment side. Often, it seems like products designed for women are usually an afterthought or entirely disregarded. This is true for apparel lines. While there are big players that offer women’s lines, the varieties tend to be more significant for … Read more

Top 10 Golf Courses in Thailand

Bunkers and fairways in a golf course

We usually picture the humid sunny weather, pristine beaches, great food, nightlife, and diverse culture and tradition when we think of Thailand. Besides the beauty of its scenery, It’s also home to some of the best golf courses in Asia. If you’re traveling to Thailand for a vacation and you’re looking for … Read more

George Arthur Crump and the Golf Course He Designed

Pine Valley Golf Club

George Arthur Crump was a hotelier and a golf course architect famous for designing and building the Pine Valley Golf Club. At the time of its opening, Crump’s creation was considered to be the most difficult golf course in the world when it was launched in 1913.  Learn about this golf course … Read more

Why Some People Think Golf Is Boring

A man playing golf

Even the most die-hard golf fans know that golf isn’t the must-watch TV all the time. The true blue golf fans probably don’t care about that, but a study conducted by British outlet YouGov attempted to quantify how the rest of the population felt. According to the group of Brits surveyed, golf … Read more

How Golf Balls Changed Over the Years

Golf balls of different brands

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s a game played on the most beautiful grounds. It offers more than fun and leisure – it helps build character and inspires a deep desire for improvement from its most committed players. But at its very core, golf remains about … Read more