Why Some People Think Golf Is Boring

A man playing golf

Even the most die-hard golf fans know that golf isn’t the must-watch TV all the time. The true blue golf fans probably don’t care about that, but a study conducted by British outlet YouGov attempted to quantify how the rest of the population felt. According to the group of Brits surveyed, golf … Read more

How Golf Balls Changed Over the Years

Golf balls of different brands

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. It’s a game played on the most beautiful grounds. It offers more than fun and leisure – it helps build character and inspires a deep desire for improvement from its most committed players. But at its very core, golf remains about … Read more

Best Asian Beers for a Golf Outing

man standing in a golf course

When you are on the golf outing, there are a few items you never want to run out of, but one of the most important things is a cold and refreshing beer. A delightful bottle of ice-cold beer is the most enjoyable and entertaining way to enjoy a round of golf. Whether you believe it or … Read more

Top Reasons Why Golf Isn’t A Boring Sport

Top Reasons Why Golf Isn’t A Boring Sport

Have you ever heard strangers, your neighbors, or friends saying that golf is a boring game? No surprise, as it has long been regarded as a tedious activity and deemed as a sport meant for uncles, aunties, and older people. Truth to be told, golf is far from its stereotype. It’s fun … Read more

The Benefits of Playing Golf

The Benefits of Play Golf

Are you looking for a new sport or hobby to dive into? Perhaps you want to have a new activity to do with your son? Whatever your reason is, have you considered playing golf? Now, before you get intimidated by the sport, let us tell you something: in 2015, nearly 2.2 million … Read more