What Are the Benefits of a Golf Rangefinder?

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Golf rangefinders have changed the way players improve their games in the course. Whether professionals or amateurs, golf rangefinders have become a valuable and trusted gear for golfers anywhere globally. From laser to GPS type of golf rangefinders, players have found its many advantages during their games. A player can now have … Read more

When is the Best Time to Change Golf Balls

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For the past few years, golf equipment manufacturers have made significant leaps to improve the durability of golf balls. At present, golf balls can withstand various strikes and environments, and with more robust constructions and better paint finishes, modern golf balls have become more resilient. However, despite their durability, golf balls still … Read more

The History of the Golf Ball

The History of the Golf Ball

The golf ball is an integral part of the game of golf. Truth to be told, the gameplay revolves around it. From employing the proper posture, getting the correct grip, applying the right swinging technique, angling in the right direction, and accounting for speed, distance, and rotations, all those boil down to … Read more