Tips for Staying In Shape to Have a Great Golf Game

Golfer on the professional golf course. Golfer with golf club hitting the ball for the perfect shot.

Golf is not one of the most physically demanding sports, like football or basketball, but it does involve quite a bit of exercise. If you’re not careful about properly warming up and staying flexible, your regular golf game can leave a feeling of tightness all over the body. It can also cause … Read more

Best Asian Beers for a Golf Outing

man standing in a golf course

When you are on the golf outing, there are a few items you never want to run out of, but one of the most important things is a cold and refreshing beer. A delightful bottle of ice-cold beer is the most enjoyable and entertaining way to enjoy a round of golf. Whether you believe it or … Read more

Tips on Improving Your Golf Game At Home

Tips on Improving Your Golf Game At Home

What makes golf exciting is that it is a sport that entails continuous learning. No player, even the renowned golfers, have completely mastered the sport, given that each round is unique from the other. Plus, it always comes with surprises, which may alter the way you play. With that, you need to … Read more

Top Reasons Why Golf Isn’t A Boring Sport

Top Reasons Why Golf Isn’t A Boring Sport

Have you ever heard strangers, your neighbors, or friends saying that golf is a boring game? No surprise, as it has long been regarded as a tedious activity and deemed as a sport meant for uncles, aunties, and older people. Truth to be told, golf is far from its stereotype. It’s fun … Read more

Golf Tips For Beginners

golf ball, golf course

Gold is one of the greatest and most popular games in the world. However, if you’re new to it, you might find it frightening and intimidating. The sport can appear complicated to the inexperienced: numerous rules, countless different kinds of clubs. So, to help you in your golf journey, we’ve made a … Read more

The Benefits of Playing Golf

The Benefits of Play Golf

Are you looking for a new sport or hobby to dive into? Perhaps you want to have a new activity to do with your son? Whatever your reason is, have you considered playing golf? Now, before you get intimidated by the sport, let us tell you something: in 2015, nearly 2.2 million … Read more